Who is sierra-echo-oscar?

Welcome to sierra-echo-oscar, the phonetic alphabet spelling for SEO. SEO is what we do and our name says it all in a funky, cool manner with a hidden message. 

sierra-echo-oscar brings years of SEO experience to your project. Our principal has worked with major international brands such as Loblaws, Rogers, Jeep, and GameStop at a major international digital marketing agency. He has conducted SEO technical audits, written monthly analytics reports and literally thousands of title and description tags for these and some of the best-known brands online. 

One of his proudest achievements was having the SEO Best Practices he developed, which were successful in propelling a former iteration of this site to the # 1 spot on Google for “SEO Agency in Toronto”, adopted by a client as their SEO Governance.. The higher-ups at the agency were so impressed they adopted them as SEO Governance for name brands like USAA, MBUSA, Shaw and others. Our version of SEO Best Practices have driven millions of visitors to their sites.

Now it’s your turn to reap the benefits from these proven SEO strategies and grow your business.

With sierra-echo-oscar, we promise agency results for storefront rates.

Our Philosophy

The goal of SEO is to bring targeted search engine visitors to your website and ideally convert them to take some action.

The goal of the searcher is have their problems solved, needs filled, or questions answered.

The goal of the search engine is to show the best, most relevant website to their users — the searchers.

Search is focused on delivering the right content to the right person at the right time.

This is achieved through Organic, Paid and Social, where we optimize not for the algorithm, but to deliver on the INTENT of the consumer.

It’s quite simple really.

The search engines tell webmasters and site owners what they are looking for in order to rank a page well. Give the search engines what they are looking for and they will in return reward you with good rankings.

It all boils down to content. Is your content sufficient enough to solve the goal of the searcher? If it isn’t we can help you fix it.

How does your site stack up to the Search Engine Best Practices? Find out with a complimentary SEO Best Practices evaluation of your site.